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No New Posts   Irrigation Stain Removal Charlottesville, VA

October 30, 2018

Irrigation stains don't have to stay forever! Our specialized detergents and methods can treat and diminish irrigation and red clay stains. Call for an estimate or submit a request online.  Servicing Central Virginia since 2010.

Central Virginia: 540-949-6277                    Shenandoah Valley: 434-466-1324




No New Posts   Commercial Roof Cleaning Charlottesville Virginia

November 8, 2018

Taking good care of your commercial roof is the first line of defense against building damage, and cleaning is necessary to take care of the roof. Commercial roof cleaning is a maintenance task that you may need help with. Our crews have you covered for commercial roof cleaning and other exterior pressure washing.

Call us for an estimate or submit a request online.

Central VA: 434-466-1324

Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277



No New Posts   Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning Charlottesville VA

November 13, 2018

Having a properly functioning roof is vital to the integrity of your home. Maintain the exterior of your property by keeping it clean and in good repair. Call us for a preventative maintenance and cleaning estimate or submit a request online.

Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277

Central VA: 434-466-1324






No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Stratford NJ | Soft Wash House Washing Stratford NJ

November 2, 2018

We safely soft washed this house and roof on November 1st. The results are absolutely night and day! We are a 5 star rated company on google and we have won the super service award from Angie's list from 2012 to 2017. If you're thinking about having your Stratford NJ roof and house washed then give us a call today for your free estimate.


Click here to fill out our free online form

-- Edited by Diamond Roof Cleaning on Saturday 3rd of November 2018 08:06:51 AM

No New Posts   Pressure Washing Charlottesville, VA

November 6, 2018

Over time your patios and walkways will suffer from wear and the buildup of organic materials because of being exposed to the elements. Buildup can result in dirt, algae and mold stains and that are difficult to remove if they sit for any length of time. When your exterior surfaces aren't in the kind of condition you would like, or they have started to show signs of age, you can always count on our pressure washing professionals at Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning to provide you with the high quality cleaning you need to get them back in pristine condition. Call us or submit a contact form request for an estimate. 

Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277  Central VA: 434-466-1324




No New Posts   Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning Charlottesville, VA

November 1, 2018

Along with the siding on your home, your roof probably takes the most punishment throughout the course of the year. Between storm debris, mold, mildew, and a number of other organic materials that tend to build up, your roof has a lot of things that are constantly working to deteriorate its surface. One of the best ways to prevent this is by investing in a high quality low pressure roof cleaning service at regular intervals to ensure that these foreign substances are never able to cause any lasting damage to the structure or surface of your home's roofing. Call us or submit a request online for an estimate

Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277     Central VA: 434-466-1324



No New Posts   Cedar Roof Cleaning Ruckersville, VA

October 30, 2018

Using high pressure on cedar shakes can cause severe damage. Our low-pressure cleaning methods wash and remove lichen, algae, and moss from your roof. Keep your roof maintained by having it cleaned on a regular basis. Call us or submit a request online for a roof cleaning estimate. Servicing Central Virginia since 2010.

Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277 Central Virginia: 434-466-1324

cedarroof BA.jpeg

No New Posts   Soft Washing Vinyl Siding

October 23, 2018

Keep algae away from your home by scheduling maintenance for your siding. Our exterior cleaning services are performed by trained professionals in your area.

Reserve your spot on our Spring waiting list. Call or submit a request online for an estimate


Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277     Central VA: 434-466-1324





No New Posts   Low Pressure House Washing

October 17, 2018

Make Your Home Look New Again with Routine House Washing

Here at Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning, we believe in using the right tool for the job, and it's no different when it comes to washing the exterior of your home. Our team of professionals will assess what the issues with your home's exterior are, and devise the proper method of cleaning to ensure that the exterior of your home gets a spotless shine without suffering any kind of damage. Call or submit an estimate request online.

Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277                                Central VA: 434-466-1324

house wash.jpeg

No New Posts   Gutter Protection

October 17, 2018

Fall is on the way and so are tons of leaves! The gutter covers and filters we install are professional grades and the manufacturer warranties prove their quality and dependability. By having us install gutter covers or filters for you, you can avoid cleaning out your gutters 2+ times a year with our low maintenance products. We support USA manufacturers and support local business with the gutter products we use. Gutter covers and filters are great options for low maintenance gutter protection. Gutter manufacturers recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year, which means over time, gutter protection pays for itself! Call or submit a contact form online for a gutter protection quote and warranty information.

Central VA: 434-466-1324        Shenandoah Valley: 540-949-6277


Filters and Covers.jpg

No New Posts   Terracotta and Quarry Tile Roof Cleaning Milford PA 18337

September 22, 2018

At Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning we provide services for all type of roofs. This particular roof is a terracotta and quarry tile mix that is close to 50 years old. Our customer actually thought the roof color was black and just wanted the lichen and moss removed. We consulted with him letting him know the true color was not black and was a much lighter and inviting color. He allowed us to do a demonstration and loved the results. Several hours later the project was completed. The results completely enhanced the curb appeal of this commercial property located on West Hartford Street in Milford, PA.

We are the leading provider of roof cleaning in the Pocono region. Our quotes are free, we are fully insured and enjoy many positive reviews on the internet. 

Call or text 570-994-6918 for a free quote or visit our website  here for additional information.

-- Edited by waxman18324 on Saturday 22nd of September 2018 11:20:18 PM

No New Posts   Paver cleaning Hamptons | dirty-roof.com | long island ny | 516-804-0447

October 10, 2018

Owner just purchased this home and some things were a little neglected. They reached out to dirty-roof.com for a house wash, roof cleaning and cleanup the walkway and patio. Homeowner said "I didnt think the walkway was salvageable"

(Pics are during cleaning)

No New Posts   Slate roof cleaning manhasset ny - dirty-roof.com

October 4, 2018

Another slate roof cleaning completed and another thrilled homeowner. We are cleaning multiple slate roofs a week safely and effectively. Maintenance is key to preserving the integrity of this roofing material.

Dirty-roof.com 516-804-0447

No New Posts   Commercial Power Washing McDonald's Restaurant Brodheadsville PA 18322

September 28, 2018

At Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning we can provide you with a proven plan for servicing your restaurant. There is no substitute for experience and our staff has a proven track record throughout the Poconos. Our professional commercial grade equipment is specifically designed to be the most effective way of applying detergents and power washing concrete. All of our power washing can be performed off hours to not interfere with the continuity of the work flow or customers visiting your restaurant.

For free quotes call or text 570-994-6918 or visit our website at www.poconoroofclean.com

No New Posts   Roof cleaning - house wash Syosset NY. Dirty-roof.com 5168040447

October 4, 2018

Excellent transformation for one of our clients in Syosset NY. We performed our no pressure roof cleaning and house wash and completely restored the curb appeal of this home.

Call Dirty-roof.com anytime for all of your exterior cleaning needs. 516-804-0447

No New Posts   Shopping Center Cleaning Tallahassee, Florida 32308, 32309, 32311, 32312

October 1, 2018

Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning in Tallahassee Florida recently cleaned this shopping center for the second time in two years. This is a unique mixed use property with professional law & insurance offices on the second floor and retail locations including restaurants and bistros with outdoor seating on the lower level. This makes for a unique quandary in finding the proper time to power wash the concrete and softwash the building, as foot traffic occurs from 7 AM until Midnight. Our solution was to provide our cleaning services in the overnight hours over a two day period, as to not disturb commerce and to help with public safety. 

The surface of the mall is mostly DRYVIT, a synthetic stucco product, which requires a very distinct cleaning process as outline by the manufacturer! Hot water, harsh chemicals, and high pressure all can several damage this type of exterior and void any manufacturer warranties, so only trained professionals should attempt to softwash DRYVIT.


When you have pressure washing, roof cleaning, or power washing needs in the  Tallahassee area, remember to call Spray Wash! We are your north Florida cleaning experts!

-- Edited by SprayWash on Monday 1st of October 2018 12:38:51 PM

No New Posts   Hospital Pressure Washing East Stroudsburg PA 18301

September 24, 2018

Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning is the leading provider of exterior cleaning in the Poconos. We service various residential and commercial properties. This past weekend we serviced the cancer center at Lehigh Valley Hospital of the Poconos located in East Stroudsburg, PA. Our staff was responsible for the cleaning of the portico, alucobond panels, glass, sidewalks, brick walls and pavers. The project was completed in a timely, professional, safe and effective manner.

For additional information you can call or text 570-994-6918 or visit our website (www.poconoroofclean.com)

No New Posts   Concrete Sidewalk Cleaning

September 20, 2018

This sidewalk came out great after our professionally trained crew used the surface cleaner to get the job done. There is no doubt about it, having a bright and clean walkway or patio at your home is a great way to keep your property looking great and to help retain your home's value. Some homeowners don't realize just how fantastic the results of professional pressure washing for patios and walkway can really be until they compare before and after photos. Call us for a quote or submit an estimate online. - in Harrisonburg, VA 




No New Posts   Vinyl Handrails and Deck Cleaning

August 29, 2018

Our crew did a great job soft washing these vinyl handrails and cleaning the deck in Charlottesville, VA.

Vinyl Railings.jpg


-- Edited by BlueRidge on Wednesday 29th of August 2018 12:03:48 PM

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning and House Washing Stroudsburg PA 18360

September 2, 2018

Roof Cleaning and House Washing Stroudsburg PA 18360

In preparation to putting this home on the market the homeowner wanted the complete exterior cleaned by professionals. She contacted Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning after reviewing our website, positive reviews, facebook content, videos, etc.

Our staff cleaned the roof, siding, awning, sidewalk, gutters, deck and pavers bring the home back to it's original curb appeal.

We provide free quotes, are fully insured and are the leading professional exterior cleaning company in the Pocono region.

Call or text for free quotes at 570-994-6918 or visit our website here

No New Posts   Commercial Gutter Cleaning Self Storage Units Marshalls Creek PA

August 27, 2018

At Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning we not only service residential properties but commercial as well for gutter clean outs. This Property located in the Marshalls Creek section of East Stroudsburg PA was recently serviced by our staff for gutter cleaning. The accumulation of leaves were causing the gutters to overflow. As can be seen in the photos the build up of leaves was quite extensive. 

For free quotes call or text 570-994-6918 or visit us on our website "here".

No New Posts   Brick Pressure Washing

August 23, 2018

The Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning difference that pressure washing brick can make! Our crew did a great job cleaning up this property. 



No New Posts   Concrete Power Washing East Stroudsburg PA 18301

August 19, 2018

As the Poconos leading provider of commercial power washing the team at Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning were called in to clean this sidewalk area (3000+square feet) of the Trackside Inn Grill & Bar on Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg. All sidewalks were cleaned using our professional commercial grade power washing equipment during the early hours before opening for business at 11am. Our specially formulated detergents at through the dirt and grease and allowed us to leave the sidewalk completely sanitized.

For information call 570-994-6918 or visit our website here for a free quote.



No New Posts   Sidewalk Power Washing Bartonsville PA 18321

August 14, 2018

Concrete Power Washing is one of Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning specialties around the Pocono region. We not only service local companies but the large national retailers also. If there is rust, oil stains or just plain dirt we have the knowledge, commercial equipment and correct detergents to address the issue.

We are the only full time and full service exterior cleaning company throughout the Pocono region. For free quotes and information call 570-994-6918 or visit our website here for a quote.

No New Posts   Awning Cleaning Acto New Jersey | Diamond Roof Cleaning

August 8, 2018

We were contracted to clean 4 awning at the Fountains at Cedar Parke in Atco NJ. The Property Manager was thinking that they may need to replace them but after we cleaned them he was able to save 1000's from buying new awnings. We used specialized cleaners and brushed the product on and lightly rinsed away all the algae and moss.

If you are thinking about replacing your awnings or just need them cleaned then give us a call at 609-929-5812.

Remember, By calling Diamond Roof Cleaning today you will have a Sparkling Tomorrow.

-- Edited by Diamond Roof Cleaning on Wednesday 8th of August 2018 06:15:01 PM

No New Posts   Galvalume Metal Roof Cleaning

August 5, 2018

Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning specializes in all types of roof cleaning.

Bold Rock Cidery has a Galvalume roof that was filthy from CO2 exhaust and needed to be cleaned to bring it back to the appearance it once had just a few years ago when it was new. Galvalume needs extra care when cleaning and we have the equipment and knowledge to get it done.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Vineland NJ | Diamond Roof Cleaning

August 8, 2018

Here is a recent roof we cleaned using our sate of the art cleaning system. Our techs have over 15yrs experience combined. Our owner has 12yrs of experience of his own cleaning roofs and soft washing along with knowing the different surface that need power washing as well. Now We never power wash roofs only soft wash. We are highly rated on google with over 100 reviews (125 to be exact). We also have South Jersey's Original 5 yr warranty on roof cleaning. Others Claim it but we were the first company to introduce it. There are a lot of companies claiming theirs is original but that is just not the case and We can prove it.


Take a look at the result of this roof we cleaned in Vineland,NJ. the results are night and day.


Remember, by calling Diamond Roof Cleaning today you will have a sparkling tomorrow.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Greensburg, PA 15601

August 7, 2018

PAsoftwash was working in Greensburg, PA 15601 yesterday. This homeowner previously had a different company "Shampoo" his home. That means they used a high pressure power washer to "clean" this roof. In the process they eroded and caused damage to these shingles and also told the customer he would need this treatment every year.

We were happy to tell this homeowner about the difference of non-pressure chemical softwashing to rid this home of ugly black stains. Will he need us to come back and treat his roof again?  Allow me to ask you a question: "Did you have to wash your brand new luxury car more than once since you bought it?"  "Have you washed your favorite shirt or dress more than once you bought it?" The answer is yes to all these questions.  Your roof and home siding, concrete and most other exterior surfaces will get dirty again.  However this complete restoration cleaning should last 3-4 years and when he does call us it will be for maintenance cleaning to touch up small "hot spots". Softwashing has become part of the maintenance that needs to be done on our homes to keep them in great shape and to prolong the life of our roof shingles.

Why not call the experts and see what they can do for you? 724-201-9274


Visit us online to Request an Estimate or for more information 

No New Posts   Concrete Pressure Washing

July 24, 2018

This front stoop came out great with our detergents and pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Residential


Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning, LLC


No New Posts   Concrete Pool Deck Cleaning Stroudsburg PA 18360

July 29, 2018

Pool Deck Cleaning Stroudsburg PA 18360

Although many people don't own a pool this size we would like to share some photos of this recent pool deck cleaning by Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning. The deck that was once black is now sanitized , algae free and not an eyesore to pool goers.

We provide free quotes on all our work. Call 570-994-6918 or visit us at www.poconoroofclean.com for our free quote.

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